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After a lot of work, we are happy to announce that the new ScriptureTalk.com APP is live and available on both iOS and Droid devices. From the APP, you will have access to a number of great features…

1. A Digital Bible. There will be a number of different translations to choose from.

2. A Daily Bible Reading Plan. Through the APP's homepage, you can either read or listen to the Bible. The plan will allow you to read through the entire Bible within the year. (The "Listen" feature is only available with the ESV)

3. Access to the entire ScritpureTalk database. This not only includes Podcasts, but has also been expanded to include articles and sermons with updates on a weekly basis and new areas opening in the near future!

4. Pursue Journal. From within the APP, you can sign up for an account (for free). This is a great note taking feature that allows you access to your notes from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. All your notes are synced to a secure cloud.

5. A host of more features coming soon...
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